Storybook Poster Contest

In lieu of the Storybook Contest, Street Smarts offers the Poster Contest. Please visit the “Poster Contest” tab under “Contests.”

Please view past year’s Storybook’s below.

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Download and Read Our Traffic Safety Storybooks:

Super Summer Scavenger Hunt (2017)
Crazy Comet from Outer Space (2016)
The Amazing Abracadabra Bus Adventure (2015)
Teddy’s Around the Nation Vacation (2014)
The Puzzling Parade Problem (2013)
The Great Pizza Surprise (2012)
The Great Zoo Escape (2011)
The Giant’s Party (2010)
Captain Foghorn’s Treasure Hunt (2009)
Way Out Visitors (2008)

About the contest:

In 2005, Street Smarts launched an annual Poster Contest that challenged San Ramon Valley elementary school students to create posters depicting traffic safety messages. Starting in 2008, the Poster Contest became the Storybook Poster Contest, in which the students’ posters were now eligible to be featured in a valleywide storybook about traffic safety.

The Street Smarts traffic safety storybook showcases the artistic talent that exists in the San Ramon Valley while fostering the learning of traffic safety principles. Each storybook is written by local author Dana Mentink. The Street Smarts Storybook Poster Contest “lives on” throughout the year, as the storybook is distributed in the community at special events and venues in the San Ramon Valley.